Annual Backpacker Travel Insurance

Health insurance is a crucial factor for safe travel anywhere in the world. That’s why annual backpacker travel insurance is one of the best choices for those who travel extensively. You can get this policy with various additional options right here and now. All you need is a few minutes of your time – no need to go anywhere. Everything happens online – quickly and easily.

Choosing the Right Long Stay Backpacker Travel Insurance

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Annual backpacker travel insurance can include different types of coverage. It’s not just mandatory medical insurance for most trips, but also coverage for accidents, baggage insurance, and more. A standard policy covers expenses for treating injuries, hospitalization, medical services, and the cost of repatriation in unforeseen situations. An enhanced certificate, for a slight increase in price, significantly increases the limit of reimbursement and the range of covered cases. Here’s a list of additional options:

  • 12-month backpacker travel insurance must include medical coverage, providing medical assistance abroad in case of unexpected situations. It covers expenses for medical services, hospitalization, medications, and other related costs.
  • Annual backpackers travel insurance can also include coverage for accidents and liability, protecting against financial losses due to accidents or liability to third parties. The policy can cover risks such as injuries from accidents, burns, poisoning, surgeries, as well as liability for harm to the health or property of third parties.
  • Baggage loss coverage compensates for losses related to lost or damaged baggage during transportation.
  • Trip cancellation and delay insurance can be useful for those who want to avoid financial losses due to unforeseen circumstances like changes in transportation schedules or flight cancellations. Annual backpacker travel insurance for those who frequently change transportation modes won’t be complete without this.
  • Emergency evacuation coverage protects against financial losses related to accidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies.
  • Unlimited geographical coverage: our policy for annual backpackers travel insurance is valid worldwide.
  • Limits and deductibles: travelers can customize the certificate for almost any amount without a deductible, meaning 100% compensation.
  • Other details: 12-month backpacker travel insurance for non-residents worldwide can include coverage for various hazardous activities, including extreme sports, trekking, water sports. Our service is also ready to provide quality insurance to people of all ages.
  • Long stay and backpacker travel insurance becomes more reliable with the addition of financial risks.
  • Another unique option is telephone call cost coverage. In the event of an insurance claim, we will reimburse you for the expenses incurred for phone calls and many other features.

In the tariff section, you can see all available options and choose any combination.

Annual Backpackers Travel Insurance: Many Benefits with No Drawbacks

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Annual backpacker travel insurance offers several advantages that can be beneficial for many travelers. This is especially true for those who prefer independent, light travel and do so frequently or for extended periods. Some backpackers set ambitious goals like a round-the-world trip that could last for a year.

One key advantage of annual backpacker travel insurance is its cost-effectiveness. This type of certificate allows you to save per day, particularly for longer or multi-month trips.

Note! The cost of 12-month insurance in our online service strikes the right balance between price, service quality, and flexibility. Additional discounts are achieved through careful expense optimization – for instance, we don’t spend millions on marketing but instead rely on our experience and professionalism. Satisfied backpackers gladly leave their reviews and recommend us to friends and acquaintances – that’s the best advertisement.

Top 10 Most Spectacular Festivals Worldwide

Paint party outside

If you’re still in the planning stages of your big trip, take a look at this table – it might be useful for you.

EventLocationTourist RatingDatesAverage Spending (budget travel)Tips
Rio CarnivalRio de Janeiro, Brazil9/10February$500 – $1000Book accommodation and event tickets in advance. Stay in groups for safety.
OktoberfestMunich, Germany8/10September-October$500 – $1000Arrive early for a table at beer gardens. Use public transportation.
Day of the DeadMexico City, Mexico9/10October 31 – November 2$300 – $500Visit cemeteries ahead of time to avoid crowds. Embrace traditional activities.
Holi FestivalIndia8/10March$300 – $500Protect your belongings from paint with waterproof covers. Be prepared for large crowds.
Venice CarnivalVenice, Italy8/10February$500 – $800Join free events and parades to experience the carnival atmosphere without extra costs.
US Independence DayWashington, USA8/10July 4$200 – $400Find a good spot for fireworks viewing early. Come early to avoid crowds.
Lantern Festival in Chiang MaiChiang Mai, Thailand10/10November$300 – $500Buy and decorate lanterns in advance. Engage in unique rituals to fully immerse in the festival.
La TomatinaBuñol, Spain9/10August$100 – $200Wear old clothes and protective eyewear. Arrive early for the main tomato fight.
Sydney CarnivalSydney, Australia10/10February$500 – $800Book parade viewing spots ahead. Join street parties to soak in the carnival vibe.
Balloon FiestaAlbuquerque, USA7/10October$200 – $400Visit early in the week when balloons are most active.
Winter Tales FestivalHelsinki, Finland9/10December$300 – $500Explore unique ice sculptures and engage in winter activities to enjoy the fairy-tale atmosphere.

Overall, annual backpacker travel insurance is an important element of safety and comfort for travelers who want to enjoy their journey without unnecessary worries.


What’s the best long stay backpacker travel insurance?

If you’re embarking on many trips or ones of considerable length, opting for a policy covering an extended period might be more reasonable than an annual travel insurance. You can easily request such a policy from us with a personalized manager to coordinate all the details thoroughly.

Do you offer insurance for one-way trips?

Certainly. You can get a proposal by contacting our service using any convenient method.

Do you cover alcohol-related incidents?

Yes. In fact, we understand the ins and outs of backpacking so well that we know an occasional drink during a long journey is quite common. That’s why you can add alcohol coverage to your basic policy for just a few dollars.

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