Travel Insurance to America for Backpacking

If you’re planning to travel light, with just a backpack and maybe a few travel buddies, on a journey across the countries of the American continent, another essential companion should be travel insurance to America for backpacking.

Having it will help you feel secure about your health and life, and at the very least, not worry about expenses linked to unexpected surprises that can catch backpackers off guard, whether in the vast Amazon jungles or the safer concrete jungles of New York and Toronto.

Our service can assist you in obtaining mandatory medical insurance and add a wide range of additional insurance options according to your preferences. Our policies cover all corners of North, South, and Central America – explore, choose, and order online.

Travel Insurance to North America for Backpacking

Five popular places in america for Backpacking

Backpacker travel insurance USA can be tailored from a standard package or come with various levels of extra protection for both US citizens and non-residents. The United States has plenty of temptations in the best sense of the word. There are amazing mountains and captivating canyons, lakes, and two oceans, numerous ski resorts, amusement parks, and much more.

Everywhere, there’s a chance of an unexpected surprise or even danger, which comes with the natural excitement of a backpacker wanting to try different risky activities. Travel insurance to America for backpacking will help you feel protected at all times.

Similarly, Canadian backpackers can benefit from backpacker travel insurance for Canada, especially if you’re looking to visit the second country in North America – equally vast, majestic, and appealing to both city dwellers and those who love extensive territories with few people around. Therefore, travel insurance for Canadian backpackers can be valuable for every traveler.

Please take a look at the top 10 recommended places to visit in North America. These destinations might catch your interest and could help you adjust your travel plans.

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations in North America

New York, USA9.6A bustling metropolis with endless opportunities.
San Francisco, USA9.4Famous hills and the “Golden Gate” bridge.
Cancun, Mexico9.2A tourist paradise with beautiful beaches.
Vancouver, Canada9.0A charming city on the Pacific coast.
Miami, USA8.8Sunny beaches and Art Deco architecture.
Mexico City, Mexico8.7A historic city with rich culture.
Toronto, Canada8.5A multicultural city with a high quality of life.
Los Angeles, USA8.4A city of entertainment and the film industry.
Seattle, USA8.3Home to the iconic Space Needle and Starbucks café.
Hawaiian Islands, USA8.2A tropical paradise with volcanoes and beaches.

Travel Insurance for Backpacking in Central, Latin, and South America

A river between the mountains with a beautiful view

Health insurance is equally important for those planning to visit the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries located in Latin America. A significant portion of these countries geographically belongs to the South American continent. Travel insurance backpacking south america allows you not only to travel confidently but also to protect yourself from injuries during various activities, including:

  • Trekking – hiking through diverse terrains;
  • Water sports, including various water attractions;
  • Extreme sports – from diving to parachute jumps.

The list of additional insurance services includes numerous options – you can even get coverage for injuries while under the influence of alcohol. In short, backpacking travel insurance for South America provides comfortable coverage at a reasonable cost. It’s available not only for American citizens but also for residents of all countries worldwide. Our online service has no limitations!

Note! South America is one of the most popular destinations among backpackers worldwide.

Machu Picchu, Peru9.5The legendary town of the ancient Inca civilization.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil9.3The global capital of carnivals and stunning beaches.
Cusco, Peru9.1A colonial town with beautiful architecture.
Santiago, Chile8.9A modern city with cultural landmarks.
Cartagena, Colombia8.7A charming town with colonial architecture.
Buenos Aires, Argentina8.6A fashionable city with a rich history and culture.
La Paz, Bolivia8.5A high-altitude city with a unique atmosphere.
Lima, Peru8.4A modern city with exquisite cuisine.
Quito, Ecuador8.3Located on the equator, the capital of Ecuador.
Patagonia, Chile/Argentina8.2A unique natural area with breathtaking landscapes.
Ushuaia, Argentina9.3The southernmost town in the world, surrounded by beautiful scenery.
Bay Islands, Honduras8.9A place to experience Garifuna culture.
Puerto Iguazu, Argentina/Brazil8.7Famous for the Iguazu Falls.
San Blas, Panama8.6An archipelago with beaches and crystal-clear waters.
Banos, Ecuador8.4A city surrounded by volcanoes and hot springs.
Tayrona, Colombia8.3A location with beautiful beaches and archaeological sites.
Arenal, Costa Rica8.2An area with a volcano and hot springs.
Montevideo, Uruguay8.1The capital of Uruguay with beautiful beaches and interesting architecture.

Top 10 Backpacking Places in Central America

Antigua, Guatemala9.5A city with marvelous architecture.
Monteverde, Costa Rica9.3An area abundant in tropical forests and nature reserves.
Granada, Nicaragua9.1One of the oldest cities on the continent with captivating architecture.
Bocas del Toro, Panama8.9An archipelago with crystal-clear waters and beaches.
Cayo Coco, Cuba8.7An island with beautiful beaches and rich underwater life.
San Jose, Costa Rica8.6The capital of Costa Rica with interesting museums and parks.
Copan, Honduras8.4A famous Mayan archaeological complex.
Santa Catarina Palopo, Guatemala8.3A small town on Lake Atitlan with picturesque views.
Leon, Nicaragua8.2A cultural center with historical landmarks.
Ometepe, Nicaragua8.1A volcanic island in Lake Nicaragua.


Are there backpacker travel insurance to America products for those taking a one-way trip?

Yes, of course, such insurance options are available. Every backpacker can get a tailored quote proposal that suits their specific needs by consulting our advisors.

Which policy can be considered the most cost-effective?

In terms of product price per day, the annual travel insurance is the most cost-effective. However, this is only relevant for backpackers who spend a considerable amount of time abroad.

How can I figure out what to choose?

Carefully study the information on the website, read reviews and contact our experts for all your questions about backpacking travel insurance in America.

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