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If you need a truly reliable international travel insurance for backpackers, including for couples and non-residents, our service will help you tackle this task quickly, easily, and on the most favorable terms. You have a wide range of insurance services available to you, which will help protect yourself and your wallet from any mishaps along your journey.

Here are the most popular insurance products that serve as the foundation of the backpackers travel insurance certificate:

Baggage and Gadgets Insurance

baggage inspection system, security and safety concept

The life of a backpacker traveler is not just comfortable round-trip charter flights with transfers from the airport to the hotel and back. The life of a backpacker involves a series of trips with constant changes of buses, planes, trains, and hitchhiking. Therefore, it's quite natural that backpackers travel insurance with coverage for gadgets is a logical and important condition of such a policy.

Ticket and Non-Departure Insurance

Insurance for family

Even the most meticulously planned trip can be disrupted for various reasons, not always within the traveler's control. It could be an extraordinary situation caused by natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, or political instability in your travel region. And sometimes, even the backpacker can unexpectedly fall ill or encounter other unpleasant situations - in any case, our certificate will cover these expenses if you are properly insured.

What the Insurance Covers and Doesn't Cover

Woman are investment for healthcare insurance and life insurance concept

Our service allows you to customize the certificate exactly as you want it. We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions - everything is tailored for your convenience. Therefore, you have dozens of options available for customization. It could be extreme activities, cancellation coverage, illnesses and injuries, alcohol-related incidents, and many other possibilities.

NOTE! There are types of policies with specific limitations. For example, there's backpacker travel insurance no return ticket. Such a certificate covers expenses only for one-way travel and is also known as one-way backpacker travel insurance. It's used for travelers who plan to return home after a lightweight trip or do not intend to return to the departure country at all.

This insurance is usually cheaper than regular travel insurance, but it doesn't cover all expenses related to the trip, such as medical assistance, evacuation, and repatriation.

Also, please be aware that you can get coverage for any duration - for a year, two, or even more. The range of options is so vast that even our nearly perfect automatic policy generation system might not always help you navigate it. If you face difficulties while using the online service, our consultants are always available - day and night. If needed, they will not only provide advice but also create an individual contract for you. And you won't need to go anywhere to do that.

Why Choose Our Company

Among the advantages of our company, you can highlight the following:

  • Clear understanding of backpackers' needs and preferences. We know all the intricacies and risks that backpackers face. Therefore, you receive exclusively high-quality service tailored specifically to you.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Our service allows you to choose the most complete coverage that fits the needs of backpackers with various preferences and lifestyles. Moreover, if you need the insurance policy while already on the journey, our backpacker travel insurance for those who have already started their travels is available.
  • Minimal health restrictions - we cover people with asthma and other chronic conditions for whom tourism isn't categorically contraindicated. We offer backpacker insurance with pre-existing medical conditions and backpacker travel insurance with existing medical conditions.
  • Convenient application process: all actions can be done online directly on the website. Purchasing the policy takes just a couple of minutes and doesn't require complex procedures or additional knowledge. You choose the necessary set of services and receive the policy in a way that suits you, usually by email.
  • Insurance for all ages - we offer coverage for elderly individuals as well as student backpacker travel insurance.
  • Truly affordable prices and a guarantee of policy effectiveness within the specified geographical region, along with effective assistance in all situations 24/7. You can use contact phone numbers, messengers, or other convenient methods to get in touch.

All these advantages are well supported by the fact that our backpacker travel insurance has exclusively positive customer reviews.

Risky Sports Activities

Lijas holidays in the snow-covered mountains

Not all backpacker travelers are the typical tourists who only live in tents by the sea and enjoy the beauty of sunrises, sunsets, and seascapes. Many backpackers are experienced athletes and even daredevils. Therefore, backpack travel insurance that covers such activities is consistently in high demand.

Water Sports

Activities on water, whether it's sports or active recreation, always involve higher risks. Injuries of varying degrees in seas, oceans, and even enclosed pools are unfortunately common. Protect yourself - with our policy that includes water sports, it's simple and fast.

Winter Sports

Even harmless skiing can lead to sprains, dislocations, fractures, and other mishaps. And when it comes to ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding, the health risks multiply significantly. But our policy can solve this issue as well - order online right now.


This form of hiking travel might not seem very injury-prone at first glance. However, the physical demands on trekking tourists, especially in rugged terrain, are incredibly high. Just as high are the risks of injuries and illnesses. Don't be naive and assume that you'll be lucky - and if not?

Where to Buy Backpacker Travel Insurance

Insurance policy with a suitcase

Backpackers travel insurance can be purchased from travel agencies, insurance companies, or online through internet resources. Typically, it includes the following coverage:

  • Medical insurance covers expenses related to treating injuries and illnesses that might occur during your journey.
  • Trip cancellation insurance safeguards against the risks of trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Baggage insurance compensates for the cost of lost or damaged baggage during your backpacking adventure.
  • Accident insurance - no travel insurance product can be considered safe for backpackers without this. This document covers medical treatment, repatriation, and funeral costs in case of sudden death or accident.
  • Liability insurance: covers material risks for damage caused to third parties and their property.

It's important to note that travel insurance can vary depending on the country you're traveling to, so it's advisable to review the insurance conditions and choose the most suitable option before purchasing.

Tips for Backpackers

Red rucksack on the table
  • Explore the area you plan to visit, read reviews and tips from experienced travelers. This can help minimize unpleasant situations and unforeseen expenses.
  • Be prepared for weather surprises. Forecasts aren't always accurate, especially for longer periods.
  • Make sure all your documents are in order and don't leave them on the nightstand at the last moment.
  • Don't forget about personal safety. Be cautious on the streets and in public places. The same applies to nature, where unexpected situations can also arise.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help if you find yourself in difficulty. There are always people who will be willing to assist you.
  • Backpacker travel insurance with COVID coverage is still crucial; you might not be allowed to enter a country without it or those you plan to travel to.
  • Plan all possible activities and risks very carefully to choose a policy that will safeguard you and your family if you are a family backpacker.
  • Look for promotional codes - we often have promotions that allow you to use a promo code and get more favorable backpackers travel insurance rates, whether you're already abroad, about to leave, or no return trip.

And here are ten very useful services we recommend you explore:

HostelworldBook hostels
CouchsurfingHome exchange with
BlaBlaCarShared car rides and
Rome2rioSearch for optimal travel
WorkawayExchange work for accommodation
Maps.meOffline maps and navigation without
TripAdvisorReviews and recommendations on local
SkyscannerCompare prices for flights and
DuolingoLearn languages for free and
XE CurrencyCurrency converter for convenient money

By following these simple tips and using convenient services, you can make your journey much more comfortable and secure.

Top 10 Most Popular Locations Among Backpackers

Here's an interesting summary table of the most popular locations among backpackers.

ContinentLocationRatingEstimated Cost (per day)
AsiaBali, Indonesia9$20 - $50
Chiang Mai, Thailand8$20 - $50
Goa, India7$30 - $70
EuropeBerlin, Germany8$50 - $100
Amsterdam, Netherlands9$60 - $120
Prague, Czech Republic8$40 - $90
Kefalonia, Greece8$50 - $100
Latin AmericaMachu Picchu, Peru10$40 - $100
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil8$30 - $80
Cartagena, Colombia7$40 - $100
South AmericaTorres del Paine, Chile9$50 - $120
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia8$40 - $80
Medellin, Colombia8$30 - $70
Australia/OceaniaSydney, Australia9$70 - $150
Queenstown, New Zealand8$60 - $120

Of course, the prices are somewhat approximate, but they provide a general idea.

If you have any questions email us and we will get back to you:

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What is backpacker travel insurance?

Backpacking travel insurance is a special type of insurance designed to protect travelers who journey with light baggage and don't have a permanent place of residence. These travelers are known as backpackers. It covers expenses for treatment, medical services, body repatriation, and other unforeseen situations that may arise during the journey.

What is the best travel insurance for backpackers?

First and foremost, you need to understand the duration of your solo or group journey, how often you plan to take such routes, and what types of activities are expected. In our service, you can obtain comprehensive coverage, including extreme and water sports, coverage for scuba diving, and even damage caused by alcohol-related incidents.

Which backpacker travel insurance?

In terms of protection, it's better to go for maximum coverage. It won't bankrupt you, but unexpected expenses that a policy abroad can't cover can undermine even the most solid travel budget. In terms of time, if you travel actively multiple times throughout the year, consider annual health insurance or even coverage for 2 years; the price will be more attractive when calculated per day.

Difference between backpacker and annual travel insurance?

The main difference between travel insurance backpacker and regular insurance lies in the fact that in the majority of cases, backpackers don't have pre-booked accommodations for the entire duration of their journey. Often, they spend many nights in camping conditions, in tents, or even under the open sky. This not only provides a unique and unrepeatable experience but also increases the likelihood of encountering non-standard situations covered by travel insurance backpackers.

Travel insurance backpacker or single trip?

The lifestyle of backpacking tourists in their adventures differs significantly from those who travel the world with more comfort and predictability in mind. There are various pitfalls here. A policy can be specifically designed for backpackers or simply for single trips. Both options generally cover medical services, evacuation from the incident site, and repatriation. However, for backpackers, the list of insurance cases might be narrower. For example, it could include coverage for lost baggage, accident insurance, and more. But there's no need to insure other risks if you're certain you won't face them (water adventures or other hazardous activities, including skydiving).

How to choose travel insurance for backpacking?

If you've carefully studied all the information on the page, finding the answer to what kind of backpacker insurance already travelling needs is likely evident for you. You can get a quote right now online using our service. You'll receive attractive prices and reliable coverage for any travel, trekking, and hiking.