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This section is created specifically for those who want to compare backpacker travel insurance from our service with insurance policies from other companies and online services. We have gathered all the arguments and data to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of players in this challenging and competitive market.

By thoroughly studying the information, you will be able to visually compare backpacker travel insurance in the UK, understand which recommended backpacker travel insurance is optimal and most advantageous for different travel intensities and durations. You will also receive useful travel insurance for backpackers advice for traveling across all continents, islands, seas, and oceans.

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For your convenience, our service’s staff has prepared several tables with data. Below is a comparison of top insurance companies and services that are popular among backpackers and offer special rates for them. 

Please note! In the table, you can see the advantages of other insurance companies over us, specifically the coverage points that competitors have but are currently lacking with us.

Comparison of Travel Insurance Among the 8 Most Popular Insurance Companies Among Backpackers

Company NameCoverage We Lack
Backpacker Travel InsuranceShortening or extending trip dates
Loss of deposit
Missed departure
Railway tickets
Regular airlines refusing flight
Failing an exam
True TravellerAccidental disability
Travel disruption
Cash in hospital
Vehicle theft
Allianz AssistanceNo advantages over us
Sainsbury’s BankNo advantages
Post OfficeTravel delay (up to 4 hours)
End supplier failure
Pet care
World NomadsNo positives
Insure and GoUp to 18 months of travel
Permanent disability coverage up to $25,000
Student loan coverage up to $15,000
Loss of income
Waiver of rental vehicle excess
Business coverage
Southern Cross Travel InsuranceChanging travel plans after departure
Child care expenses
Cruise cover

As you can see, even the top insurance companies, after comparison, cannot boast a multitude of insurance cases they are willing to cover.

Comparison of Travel Insurance for Backpackers with Other Insurance Companies

And now we offer you to explore what we offer and how we differ advantageously from the majority of competitors:

Our AdvantagesDescription
Third-party liability– Monetary compensation for harm to the life or health of third parties
– Monetary compensation for moral damage to third parties
– Monetary compensation for damage to the property of third parties
Travel in your own car– Transportation of the car to the nearest service station
– Repatriation of the driver and passengers to the country of permanent residence
– Sudden breakdown or damage due to an accident
After the end of the insurance period (if the insurance event occurred before its end)– Policy remains active for another 15 days
– Inpatient treatment
– Expenses for staying abroad
– Transportation after inpatient treatment
– Compensation amount for road accidents ($10,000)
Phone communication– Payment of phone communication costs in case of an insurance event
Extreme and sports activities– Relaxed activities (e.g., jogging, fitness, animal riding)
– Active activities (e.g., kayaking, water park, trekking)
– Extreme activities (e.g., motorsport, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding)
– Professional sports (official and amateur competitions and training + all activities above)
What else?– Insured person’s age up to 100 years
– Possibility to insure for more than 1 year individually
– Ability to purchase a policy during the trip
– Worldwide policy doesn’t increase insurance price
– Alcohol as an additional option (covering injuries during alcohol intoxication)
– Policies without deductibles (additional option)
– 24/7 support

Why You Should Choose Travel Insurance for Backpackers – Comparison Results

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If you find it easier to work with a list rather than a table, here’s a list of key advantages of our company that we highlighted in the comparison of travel insurance for backpackers:

  • Base medical insurance cost starts from $1.5 per day.
  • Online application with minimal backpacker information required.
  • Fast resolution of insurance cases, typically no out-of-pocket expenses for the client, we handle it in 90% of cases.
  • Flexible certificate customization – options for single, multi-trip, and annual travel insurance, with the ability to add dozens of additional items to enhance protection, coverage limits, health insurance, and many other risks.
  • Coverage for all dangerous activities and physical pursuits abroad, including extreme sports, trekking, diving, and water sports, even for professional athletes and trainers.
  • Insured person’s age – up to 100 years (almost everywhere is limited to 65 years).
  • Coverage for phone communication costs to relatives and emergency services during insurance events.
  • Insurance for non-residents in relation to third parties.
  • Unlike most competitors, who allow 1-5 returns home with annual policies, you can return home as often as you like – travel every weekend if you wish.
  • Wide range of insurance services for self-driving tourists.

Get more information from our service experts. Also, explore the section of frequently asked questions and answers located just below – we recommend studying it in detail.


How much does insurance for a single country differ from a worldwide policy?

Almost all players in the insurance market in the UK, USA, and globally can have a significant price difference for such policies. This creates inconvenience for backpackers who travel around the world frequently. That’s why we developed a unique product for you where the price remains the same for both a specific country and worldwide. Get an offer now because our worldwide insurance price is fixed.

Does the insurance cover non-refundable trips?

Yes, of course. This is a common practice for most major companies. But when comparing backpacker travel insurance with our service, a pleasant advantage is the ability to get any policy, even if you’re already on the trip. And the number of fields to fill out is minimal.

What else would you recommend to make backpacker travel insurance comparison more objective?

Backpacker travel insurance compare is greatly aided by reviews from experienced travelers. However, this is only the case if they are posted on authoritative platforms with high levels of trust. Typically, these are major recommendation services, global social networks, and similar portals.

Why is your price so low? Is there a catch?

The answer is simple: we focus on quality and price rather than expensive marketing and massive advertising. That’s why our clients recommend us to each other. The savings from marketing efforts are the main source of our low prices. You can see it for yourself – just compare backpacker travel insurance from several companies.

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