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If you are currently on this page, there’s a high likelihood that you need the best travel insurance for backpackers. However, you might not be very familiar with all the nuances of traveler’s insurance with backpacks just yet. This page is specifically created for you. Here, you will find a precise definition of what the best travel insurance for backpackers is, how this quality is determined by certain criteria, and how to quickly, comprehensively, and affordably insure yourself. Simply read the text to the end, and then you’ll be able to not only get answers to many questions but also apply for a policy online in just a couple of minutes.

What’s Included in the Best Backpacker Travel Insurance

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For clarity, we’ve prepared a small comparative table for you, which illustrates the main differences among three options of insurance for non-residents abroad.

CoverageBasic PolicyExtended CertificateFull Coverage
Medical Insurance + Covid+++
Medical Transportation+++
Outdoor Activities+++
Water Activities (Swimming)++
Extreme Activities++
Sports Participation+/- (option)+
Phone Communication+
Lost Luggage+
Liability Insurance+
Search and Rescue Ops+
Financial Risks+

This table clearly demonstrates the differences between the best backpacker travel insurance and basic or even extended insurance certificates. However, we intentionally didn’t mention one thing in it – alcohol. Because that’s something we should talk about separately. And we have something to say about it.

What is the Best Travel Insurance for Backpackers? 

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A truly loyal and caring insurance service should offer coverage for alcohol-related incidents.

Important! Many insurance companies, even when offering a product like “best travel insurance for backpackers,” never include certain risks. For example, coverage for accidents that happen under the influence of alcohol. However, with us, you can get insurance even for such incidents.

Why do we insure alcohol? The answer is simple: because we ourselves actively travel the world and know well how even the most sensible and health-conscious people embark on journeys seeking unforgettable experiences. 99% of backpackers travel the world in search of new adventures. There’s no harm in enjoying a couple of glasses of wine after hours or even days of trekking or hiking.

For instance, how can you travel through Bavaria and not try German beer with legendary sausages? Or, after a day of thrilling slopes, can you deny yourself a warm and comforting glühwein? Would a good travel insurance for backpackers from a service that knows everything about travel exclude such situations? Of course not!

That’s why we offer an option to include alcohol coverage even in the basic policy. For many travelers, the best travel insurance for backpackers in Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America is a certificate from our service, nothing more.

Note! We offer the possibility to not only get a yearly backpacking travel insurance but also obtain a policy for a longer period. To do this, you need to submit a request, and you’ll immediately be assigned a personal representative who will create a special contract for you, discussing all the details down to the smallest ones.

Our best travel insurance for backpackers also offers health coverage for various categories of people, including:

  • Elderly individuals – retirees of any age.
  • Backpackers with chronic conditions.
  • Tourists engaging in hazardous activities, including extreme sports and water sports.
  • Digital nomads and other travelers going on one-way trips.

No matter your starting route or where you plan to spend your travel time, whether it’s the UK, South Africa, Ireland, or Southeast Asia – you’ll have maximum protection against all the illnesses and mishaps that can befall a backpacker on their not always simple and safe journey.

And you can enjoy yourself without limitations – because the best backpacking travel insurance allows you to swim, dive, climb rocks, undertake mountain ascents, ride waves in surfing and kitesurfing. And all the while, you can savor your favorite drinks, not worry about your health, and not fear for your belongings – because everything will be insured.


How much does the basic policy differ in price from the full, best travel insurance for backpackers?

You can find out the costs and rates in the corresponding section. But we can honestly tell you right away – there is a noticeable difference in price. HOWEVER! Even if the basic and full certificates differ in price by five times (!!!), the price remains affordable even for budget backpackers. We’re not talking about tens or even hundreds of dollars per day – everything is within a few dollars a day.

But the differences in the set of insurance services and the maximum coverage amount will be colossal. In simple terms – every tourist can find a couple of extra bucks. But getting several tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your wallet in case of serious problems is not feasible for everyone. So, is it worth economizing in such cases when the best backpackers travel insurance is still accessible to everyone?

How to get a proposal for a policy designed for a longer stay? I can’t seem to purchase a two-year certificate online.

Backpackers who need more than an annual insurance policy are given VIP status and are assisted personally by our specialists. Just contact us through any means convenient for you, and everything will be handled at the highest level.

How to choose the right insurance partner?

There are standard, effective methods. Make sure to check reviews on various recommendation platforms and social media. Read articles on authoritative thematic resources, such as the “Top 10 Best Travel Insurances for Backpacking.” And carefully examine all the insurance services of the companies and online platforms you’re considering as your insurance partners.

What is the best travel insurance for backpackers?

The only correct answer is the most comprehensive policy acquired from a reliable, responsible company with extensive experience and an impeccable professional reputation. In terms of the price-coverage ratio, this objectively and impartially is the best option.

However, it seems to us that you shouldn’t spend time on this – our service has already analyzed all the existing offers on the market, gathered the best from top insurance companies, and added some of our exclusive propositions. So, the best travel insurance for backpackers is available to you right here and right now!

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