Travel Insurance for Backpacking in Europe

Need a reliable and reasonably priced travel insurance for backpacking in Europe? Our service will help you solve this task quickly and affordably, with a wide range of additional options. Our travel insurance for backpacking in Europe can include comprehensive health coverage and practically any risks that a traveler might face during their journeys across the European continent.

What Insurance Backpackers Need

For backpackers traveling to Ireland and other European countries, having travel insurance is essential, at least within the scope of medical coverage that includes most minor health issues you might encounter abroad. However, our service allows you to secure more comprehensive protection, including extreme sports, trekking, water sports, and other risky activities.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you’re planning on engaging in such activities and extreme sports, an additional package can be a real lifesaver for both you and your budget. Don’t be careless and assume that nothing will happen to you.

Let’s explore the insurance options for non-residents based on travel frequency and whether you need travel insurance for backpacking in Europe for the entire duration of your trip or just for a one-way journey.

A man with a rucksack hiking in the mountains

Long-Term Policy

If you’re an avid traveler who can’t stay in one place and spends almost every free day on trips and hikes, an annual backpackers travel insurance in the UK and EU will be the best option for you. It provides the most cost-effective certificate pricing per day. Plus, it saves time and stress by eliminating the need to constantly renew the policy and worrying about expiration.

One-Way Travel Insurance

If your goal is to relocate permanently or stay in another country for an extended period without a definite return schedule, we recommend considering the offers for one-way travel insurance for backpackers in Europe. This option comes with its own specifics and nuances, which our experts are always ready to help you understand. If you’re planning a trip to the British Isles, make sure to review reviews for backpacker travel insurance in the UK, as the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union and has its own intricacies.

Multi-Trip Insurance

Another policy option is a multi-trip travel insurance for backpacking in Europe, suitable for backpackers who travel less frequently than yearly, but more often than once a year or even less. The multi-trip backpacking travel insurance in the UK and the EU offers a middle ground between a single-trip and yearly (or even two-year) coverage, providing an optimal combination of reasonable and sufficient protection for the number of trips you need.

USEFUL TIP! To make the right decision, consider not only all the offers but also read reviews about backpacker travel insurance in Ireland on popular specialized services, social networks, and other reputable platforms. Also, explore the differences in insurance when planning a one-way trip or needing backpacking insurance for Europe for your family.

What’s Covered and Not Covered by Backpacking Travel Insurance in Europe

In most cases, the basic policy provides protection against the most common risks, including:

  • Medical backpacker travel insurance covers Northern Ireland and all other European countries, but specifically for non-specific sports and extreme injuries rather than overly severe illnesses.
  • Baggage insurance against loss, including by airlines.
  • Coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, among other points.

BUT! By utilizing the additional options of our online service, your travel insurance for backpacking in Europe can provide much more reliable protection! This isn’t surprising, considering you can receive offers for dozens of premium options for backpacker insurance in Europe, including:

  • Winter sports (not just skiing and snowboarding on regular slopes but also freeriding).
  • Any water activities – jet skis, speedboats, water skiing, diving, and more.
  • Protection against incidents while under the influence of alcohol.

Such backpacker travel insurance in the UK and the EU ensures a complete vacation experience and the most vivid, unforgettable impressions both in nature and in bustling, ever-awake cities.

Top 10 Most Interesting Places in Europe for Backpackers

five popular places in europ

Once you have travel insurance for backpacking in Europe in your pocket, feel free to head to one of the places described below:

LocationRatingAverage Price per Day (Budget Option)Description
Amsterdam, Netherlands9.0$50-70Famous for countless canals and ubiquitous bicycles, Amsterdam offers historical and cultural programs, along with authentic leisure options.
Berlin, Germany8.8$40-60Berlin is a global youth hub with a diverse history, budget-friendly accommodations, and numerous entertainment venues.
Prague, Czech Republic9.2$30-50Prague’s enchanting medieval charm, affordable cafes, beer paradise, and amazing cityscapes make it a destination to explore.
Barcelona, Spain8.9$50-70Barcelona’s warm sun, great beaches, and stunning Gothic architecture offer perfect conditions for enjoyable backpacking.
Lisbon, Portugal8.7$40-60Lisbon’s historical atmosphere, narrow ancient streets, and friendly population make it a welcoming destination for backpackers.
Budapest, Hungary9.1$30-50Budapest is renowned for thermal springs and affordable bars, offering a wide range of drinks and a comfortable experience.
Warsaw, Poland8.6$30-50Warsaw, with its fascinating history and numerous parks, offers affordable accommodation and dining options in cozy cafes.
Athens, Greece8.5$40-60Athens’ world-famous ancient ruins, delicious food, and immersive ancient world history make it a must-visit for backpackers.
Krakow, Poland8.9$30-50Krakow’s picturesque architecture, friendly atmosphere, and diverse museums cater to a range of tastes.
Istanbul, Turkey9.3$40-70Istanbul’s blend of Eastern and Western cultures, beautiful mosques, and iconic Turkish bazaars create a unique experience for contemporary travelers.

Top 10 Best Places for Winter Backpacking in Europe

A young couple in the snowy mountains

We’ve compiled a list of ten top locations for a winter journey across Europe. And we also remind you – travel insurance for backpacking in Europe should be your essential companion.

LocationRatingAverage Price per Day (Budget Option)Description
Zakopane, Poland8.6$30-50Zakopane is a popular ski resort with beautiful mountain landscapes, diverse slopes, and attractive architecture.
Chamonix, France8.9$50-70Chamonix is a globally recognized spot for snowboarding and skiing, surrounded by majestic Alps.
Innsbruck, Austria9.1$40-60Innsbruck is perfect for winter sports and snowboarding, as well as enjoying breathtaking natural views.
Alston, United Kingdom8.7$50-70Alston in the UK’s Cumbria county is great for experienced skiers and anglophiles, with some of the highest peaks in Britain.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany8.5$40-60Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a popular ski resort in the Bavarian Alps, is ideal for mountain, skiing, and snowboarding enthusiasts.
Bansko, Bulgaria8.9$30-50Bansko offers budget-friendly options for backpackers and caters to various skiing levels.
Tromsø, Norway9.2$40-60Tromsø is a fantastic place for aurora chasers, snow activity lovers, and unforgettable adventures.
Sierra Nevada, Spain8.8$50-70Sierra Nevada, in the Andalusia region of Spain, offers excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding.
Bratislava, Slovakia8.7$30-50Bratislava is a cozy town with authentic Christmas markets and easy access to nearby ski tracks.
Val Toran, Switzerland9.0$50-70Val Toran is a beautiful resort in the Swiss Alps, offering stunning landscapes and local ski slopes.

Top 10 Best Water Backpacking Destinations in Europe

The lake between the mountains seen from the yellow boat

When embarking on water adventures, remember – only full travel insurance for backpacking in Europe will truly safeguard them.

LocationRatingAverage Price per Day (Budget Option)Description
Amalfi Coast, Italy9.2$40-60Beautiful coastal towns and villages, enchanting beaches, historical sites, and the opportunity to kayak make it an excellent choice for backpacking.
Croatian Coastline, Croatia8.9$30-50Numerous small and incredibly beautiful islands, scenic bays, and breathtaking beaches all make Croatia a paradise for water-based backpacking.
Montenegro8.7$30-50Crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, hidden from tourist crowds bays, and a great chance to explore local islands and marine life.
Norwegian Fjords9.1$50-70Amazing natural scenery, huge and awe-inspiring fjords, and a variety of options for cool journeys on them leading into the cold Norwegian Sea (coastal part of the Arctic Ocean).
Greek Islands8.8$40-60From picturesque Cyclades islands to romantic, myth-laden islands like Corfu and Crete, Greece offers numerous routes and a great dose of positive emotions.
Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands9.0$40-60Explore Amsterdam not on land, but through its renowned canals and lakes, taking a boat or kayak.
Scottish Lochs8.6$30-50Scotland’s always cool lochs offer a picturesque and always secluded environment, perfect for water leisure and activities like kayaking and rowing.
Balearic Islands, Spain8.9$40-60Explore well-known tourist spots like Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, using a boat to combine enjoyable physical activity with soaking up the sun, sea, and overall natural beauty.
Norfolk, United Kingdom8.7$30-50The rivers and canals of Norfolk, UK, are an excellent spot for backpackers who enjoy calm boat trips and magnificent views of the surrounding nature.
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia9.3$40-60This national park offers unique crystal-clear lakes that you can navigate by boat.

Top 10 Services for Finding Affordable Accommodation in Europe

Travel insurance for backpacking in Europe isn’t the only thing you need. Equally important is ensuring yourself proper lodging. These services should assist you.

Service NameBrief DescriptionService Link
HostelworldA global online service for finding affordable hostels for backpackers all over
Booking.comPopular not only in Europe but worldwide, this online booking service offers an immense variety of lodging options, including those for budget
AirbnbAnother popular platform among backpackers, allowing you to rent accommodations directly from local
CouchsurfingA growing social network for finding free lodging through the principle of voluntary exchange – “you host me, I host you” – engaging both travelers and
AgodaOffers a great selection of current discounts on hotels and
HostelgeeksA service specializing in the coolest hostels in Europe and
ExpediaThis service helps you find interesting offers from both hotels and individual
KayakCompares rental property prices on different online booking
TrivagoAn aggregator platform that searches for the best deals from various
Hotels.comCollects and publishes discounts on hotel rooms and

Tips for Backpackers Planning to Travel to Europe

A man with a green rucksack looks at the colourful houses
  1. Study your planned routes and places to visit in advance to have a clear understanding of what to expect and be prepared for.
  2. Prepare a list of items you’ll need for the journey and don’t forget to bring necessary documents – not just your passport and visas, but also travel insurance for backpacking in Europe.
  3. Plan your budget ahead and try to save on transportation, accommodation, and food so you can allocate more for entertainment, excursions, and comprehensive travel insurance for backpacking in Europe.
  4. Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs in different countries to avoid unpleasant situations and conflicts with locals and authorities.
  5. Prioritize safety during your travels, especially if you’re traveling solo or in a group.
  6. Be ready for climate and weather changes, especially if you plan to visit different cities and countries at different times of the year or considerable distances apart.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask locals for advice on the best ways to get to your destination, where to eat, and how to spend your time – most Europeans are open or at the very least well-mannered.
  8. Remember to take photos and videos to preserve memories of your journey.


What is considered the best travel insurance for backpacking in Europe?

When it comes to the coverage period of the policy, the best travel insurance for backpacking in Europe is one that precisely covers the number of trips you have planned and is unlikely to be canceled or changed to an increased extent. A multi-trip or annual insurance policy doesn’t make sense for a backpacker in Europe if you currently have only one travel trip planned.

The website has a lot of information and different options. How can I make the right choice?

Even if you have the slightest doubt about the type of travel insurance for backpacking in Europe that you need, make sure to consult our service’s advisors. They are always ready to help – quickly, friendly, and absolutely free.

Is online-purchased travel insurance as reliable as offline policies?

The travel insurance for backpacking in Europe from our insurance service is just as reliable as policies from the best insurance companies not only in Europe but around the world – you can rest assured, as this statement has been proven by tens of thousands of travelers.

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