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A significant portion of travelers who journey around the world with just a backpack find cheap backpacker travel insurance to be an appealing way to save. But it’s essential to find a balance – to discover an option where the annual tourist insurance for non-residents in Australia, Asia, America, Europe, and Africa offers the best combination of affordable price and proper quality. And our service is ready to assist you with that!

How to Buy Cheap Backpackers Travel Insurance and Not Make Mistakes?

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When choosing the most affordable health insurance based on policy cost, you should receive an offer for cheap backpackers travel insurance that includes these options (or at least, they are highly desirable):

  • Accessible medical insurance – traveling abroad without this type of insurance service can be quite challenging.
  • Baggage insurance – especially for free-spirited backpackers compared to tourists on all-inclusive programs, they are at a greater risk of experiencing numerous baggage-related issues. Airport transfers and the number of layovers during extended journeys are not provided for them.
  • Protection against injuries during active (non-extreme) leisure.

Important! Before getting a policy, carefully consider whether any hazardous activities, especially if your journey will be lengthy, are planned. These could include extreme sports, trekking, rock climbing, diving, water sports, and other activities with an increased risk of injury. If such plans exist, be sure to insure yourself against such dangers – otherwise, you could turn from a successful tourist into a broke backpacker. That wouldn’t be desirable, right?

Similarly, assess your chances of consuming alcoholic beverages during your trip and excursions. If you aren’t allergic to alcohol and have no circumstances preventing alcohol consumption, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll have a drink at least a few times during your journey. It’s better to have reliable insurance coverage during those moments, not just relying on your good judgment and luck.

Note! All of our service’s employees are experienced travelers and understand how nice it is to enjoy a beer, a glass of wine, or a couple of whiskey shots after a day filled with adventures and emotions. That’s why even the cheapest backpacker travel insurance from us includes coverage for alcohol-related risks!

It’s also important to mention that reviews on reputable recommendation systems, social networks, and other platforms where experienced and less-experienced travelers share real stories about the pros and cons of insurance companies and online services greatly assist in choosing the cheapest backpacker travel insurance.

Interesting fact! Our experts conducted a detailed study that showed that, for the vast majority of travelers seeking the cheapest backpacker travel insurance, reviews are the most important criteria after low cost.

With happiness and pride, we can say that over the years of our company’s existence, we’ve accumulated so many positive reviews online that you might miss your journey if you decide to read each one. However, search and read at least a dozen – you’ll surely find it interesting!

Top 10 Cheapest and Most Interesting Countries for Backpacker Travel

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Cheap backpackers travel insurance is truly a way to save. But effective route planning also leads to substantial savings. Where can you get maximum experiences with minimum expenses? Our table will help you answer that question.

LocationRatingAverage Daily Spending (in USD)

Have you chosen suitable locations? Now you just need to get a policy in the category of cheap backpackers travel insurance – and you can start packing your bags.


Can elderly individuals, such as retirees with chronic conditions, get a reliable certificate at a reasonable price?

We are staunch opponents of any form of discrimination against tourists for any reason. No matter how old you are or what illnesses accompany you on your trips – if backpacking is generally feasible for you, you can obtain accessible and even cheap travel insurance from us.

Is travel without return to the UK covered?

One-way travel is covered without limitations – to any country worldwide.

Is cheap backpacker travel insurance a fiction that won’t provide any serious protection?

No, that’s not the case. Even the cheapest backpacker travel insurance from our company will allow you to cover unplanned expenses for most of the most common insurance cases. The difference lies in understanding that there’s a significant risk of injuries outside the scope of budget policies.

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