Travel Insurance for Backpacking to Asia

If you’re currently concerned about finding an agency or operator that offers the best conditions for a travel insurance product called travel insurance for backpacking in Asia, your search can come to an end. Our service will assist you in obtaining health insurance and various additional coverages. Moreover, you can do it conveniently online, without leaving your place, and at the most accessible and honest prices.

How to Choose Travel Insurance for Backpacking in Asia

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The correctness of choosing a set of services that your travel insurance for non-resident backpacking in Asia will consist of directly affects not only the cost of the certificate but also the level of your protection in various unforeseen situations. If you consider yourself a very calm and sensible backpacker, leading a purely healthy lifestyle, not even engaging in minimal extremes like trekking, a basic backpacker travel insurance policy might be sufficient for you.

However, if your life is more adventurous and filled with enjoyable activities, if you have a penchant for risk and a love for reasonable challenges, then scrimping on potential overseas treatments is definitely not advisable. It’s better to spend a bit more on the policy but get practically unlimited coverage. A comprehensive travel insurance for backpacking Southeast Asia will include numerous options, among them:

  • Water sports;
  • Winter sports, including extreme ones;
  • Other dangerous activities;
  • Risks related to alcohol intoxication, and much more.

Of course, the cost of such a policy will be higher, but your protection will be significantly enhanced. Read reviews from other travelers – almost all of them say that this kind of backpacker travel insurance for Asia is considered the most appropriate.

five popular destinations in asia for Backpacking

We’ve prepared a summary table for you with ten of the most interesting and popular places in the Asian region that every true backpacker should visit.

LocationTourist RatingPrice per Day (budget trip)Description
Tokyo, Japan9.5/10$40 – $60Japan’s largest metropolis and a blend of modern technology and centuries-old traditions. Traditional shrines, skyscrapers, tech innovations, and cultural activities are all present for backpackers.
Bali, Indonesia9.2/10$20 – $40Bali is famous for its beaches, jungles, and spiritual atmosphere. It’s a paradise for various types of backpacking, offering nature, culture, and historical heritage.
Chiang Mai, Thailand9.0/10$15 – $35Chiang Mai is a cultural and spiritual center with affordable hostels, street food, temples, and opportunities for yoga and traditional Thai activities.
Hanoi, Vietnam8.8/10$15 – $30Hanoi offers vibrancy, street food, lakes, budget accommodations, the Old Quarter, and historic temples. Travelers should remember to have backpacker travel insurance due to differences in climate, cuisine, and health.
Goa, India8.6/10$20 – $50Goa attracts travelers with its beaches, sunsets, nightlife, affordable lodging, cultural diversity, and Portuguese heritage.
Seoul, South Korea8.5/10$30 – $50Seoul blends modernity with history. Museums, palaces, markets, modern districts, Korean cuisine, and lively nightlife await. Alcohol-inclusive backpacker insurance can enhance the experience.
Kathmandu, Nepal8.4/10$10 – $30Kathmandu is surrounded by the Himalayas and offers budget-friendly hotels, temples, nature, and trekking opportunities in the Himalayas.
Phuket, Thailand8.3/10$25 – $45Phuket boasts famous beaches, water activities, and a mix of local and global culture. Affordable lodging and a vibrant atmosphere await backpackers.
Beijing, China8.2/10$25 – $45Beijing is rich in history and culture with the Great Wall, Forbidden City, temples, and palaces. Affordable street food and exploration of Chinese traditions and modernity are highlights.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia8.0/10$20 – $40Kuala Lumpur offers skyscrapers, culture, and diverse cuisine. Budget hostels and attractions like Petronas Twin Towers and Chinatown are perfect for backpackers.

Top 10 Best Water-Based Backpacking Destinations in Asia

Water tourism is a distinct branch of backpacking, and the favorite spots for this kind of travel with a backpack are also special. Here they are:

LocationTourist RatingPrice per Day (budget trip)Description
Koh Tao, Thailand9.5/10$20 – $40Koh Tao, Thailand’s diving paradise, offers affordable beachfront accommodations, stunning beaches, and a rich underwater world. Backpacker travel insurance covers risks, including diving.
El Nido, Philippines9.3/10$25 – $50El Nido, Philippines, boasts white beaches, clear waters, and karst islands. Activities include swimming in lagoons, snorkeling, exploring underwater caves, and savoring untouched nature.
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia9.2/10$30 – $50Gili Trangawan, an Indonesian gem, offers seclusion, surfing, diving, and tranquility. No cars create a serene ambiance. Seaside accommodations are plenty, making it a perfect escape.
Halong Bay, Vietnam9.0/10$20 – $40Halong Bay, a Vietnamese natural park, features karst islands and breathtaking bays. Activities encompass bay cruises, kayaking through caves, and soaking in inspiring landscapes.
Boracay, Philippines8.9/10$25 – $45Boracay, Philippines, entices with beaches, vibrant nightlife, and water activities. Affordable lodging, captivating sunsets, and diverse attractions make it an unforgettable experience.
Komodo, Indonesia8.8/10$30 – $50Komodo, Indonesia, showcases unique Komodo dragons. Treks on Komodo and Rinca, diving, and underwater life observation are highlights.
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand8.6/10$20 – $40Phi Phi Islands offer clear waters, stunning cliffs, and sandy beaches. With backpacker insurance, affordable beachside bungalows provide a perfect base for snorkeling, kayaking, and jungle exploration.
Nha Trang, Vietnam8.5/10$15 – $35Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a popular resort with beaches, water parks, and diving. Affordable lodging, seafood, and entertainment are complemented by backpacker travel insurance for added safety.
Koh Chang, Thailand8.4/10$25 – $45Koh Chang, Thailand, promises serene beaches and natural beauty. Affordable accommodations provide a retreat from the bustling world.
Malapascua, Philippines8.3/10$20 – $40Malapascua, Philippines, attracts divers and snorkelers with remote charm. Beachfront cottages, coral reef exploration, and encounters with underwater creatures, including sharks and rays, await.
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Top 5 Best Services for Finding Affordable Accommodation in Asia for Backpackers

In our day, it’s very difficult to be a traveler without using numerous services that make life easier for millions of tourists. It’s not just about online services for obtaining travel insurance for backpackers. Take a look at these five interesting startups that help you find accommodation at accessible and fair prices. This is just as important as having a reasonably priced yet dependable travel insurance for backpacking in Asia from our service.

Service NameAccommodation TypeOverview
AgodaHotelsAgoda is a service that allows you to book affordable accommodations throughout Asia. It offers a wide range of options with attractive rates. Filters help refine preferences for budget-conscious travelers.
TravelokaVariousTraveloka offers booking services for accommodations, flights, and other self-guided travel needs. Popular in Asia and gaining traction on other continents, it’s a versatile platform for travelers.
NIDA RoomsHotelsNIDA Rooms specializes in booking budget-friendly places in hotels across various Asian cities. It’s a go-to for finding economical lodging options while traveling.
ZenRoomsHotelsZenRooms is an economy-class hotel chain providing comfortable rooms with amenities at affordable prices. Differentiated by quality and standardization, it offers a quality budget lodging experience. is a local Indonesian service for searching and booking accommodations, flights, and other travel services, including travel insurance. It covers affordable lodging across Asian regions.


What’s the best-value medical insurance?

Determining the right set of options involves many criteria. If you travel frequently, we recommend getting an annual backpacker travel insurance. For shorter, one-time trips, even daily-rate policies can work.

What risks does basic travel insurance for South East Asia cover?

The standard package includes basic medical coverage, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, and baggage protection. But you can always enhance this by adding numerous additional options for a more interesting and advantageous offer.

Are one-way policies available?

Yes, certainly, you can also get backpacker travel insurance for a one-way journey, with terms that are attractive to you.

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