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Today’s topic is about choosing the best travel backpack for moms with little kids. You’ll learn what criteria are important specifically for moms with youngsters, how to decide on size and functionality. Plus, you’ll get a round-up of the best travel backpacks for moms based on reviews from those who’ve already tried such products and made their pick. So, let’s get started!

Why Choosing a Travel Backpack for Mom is Important

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Having a baby is always a crucial and highly responsible moment for any mom. But for many moms, the birth of a child doesn’t mean they have to become stay-at-home caregivers. And that’s a good thing! In today’s world, there are enough resources, technologies, and useful stuff to travel both short and long distances for extended periods of time.

However, no journey, even the most amazing and interesting one, can be fully realized and offer maximum enjoyment and benefits unless you’re properly prepared for it. And choosing a travel backpack for moms is a critical step in this preparation.

Even if you’re not hitting the road as nomadic backpackers but are on an ‘all-inclusive’ vacation and most of your luggage is packed into big, sturdy suitcases, a backpack is still essential. You’ll probably go on tours, short hikes, or even just outings in the city. And with the best backpack for moms, you’ll feel much more comfortable.

What Should the Best Travel Backpack for Moms Be Like?

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The main criteria that every mom should consider when choosing a travel backpack are as follows:

  1. Comfort: Nothing should chafe, tilt sideways, or cause any other discomfort. You’ll need the strength for not only the backpack itself but also for your child or multiple children. Look for adjustable straps that you can tailor to your body size and shape.
  2. Capacity: The best backpack for a mom is not a women’s clutch or even a basket for a small picnic. It should have plenty of room to protect you and your kids from any surprises on the road, like hunger or thirst. In general, consider models with a volume of 40 liters or more.  
  3. Functionality: Opt for models with internal compartments for a laptop, tablet, and phone, as well as external pockets for quick access to essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, glasses, etc.
  4. Lightness: A mom’s travel backpack is always full of stuff. Carrying a heavy “container” is not the best idea. Choose lightweight materials like nylon or polyester.  
  5. Design: Every mom is a woman first. You should look stylish regardless of circumstances. The best backpack for moms should not only be functional and comfortable but also appealing in its design.
  6. All-season: Look for either a waterproof backpack or one that comes with a special cover. Without such protection, you can’t ensure the 100% safety of your belongings if you get caught in sudden rain. Some models also offer UV protection to keep your stuff from fading, a nice bonus to consider.
  7. Safety: Make sure the backpack has reflective elements to make you visible in the dark. This is especially important if you plan to travel on roads or during nighttime. If a particular model you like doesn’t have the required reflectors, get them separately; they are usually inexpensive.
  8. Brand and Reviews: Don’t buy from an unknown brand as it can lead to subpar quality. Choose tried-and-true brands that have good reviews from other tourists. You don’t need a high-end brand; middle-of-the-road brands usually offer excellent items at much lower prices.

Note! When setting off on a travel trip, make sure you not only have a good backpack for mom but also a good insurance policy. For instance, a family one— it will provide adequate protection against all kinds of misfortunes and surprises for every member of your family. You can buy insurance online on our service right after you finish reading this text.

Examples of Best Travel Backpacks for Moms

To make this article more helpful, we spent a few hours browsing Amazon and picked a few interesting models for you.  

Model NameFeaturesRating
Osprey Porter 65 Travel BackpackSpacious (65L), multiple compartments, soft walls, locking zippers4.4
Columbia Carson Pass Backpack14 pockets, including one for a pacifier. Also comes with a changing mat.4.5
NUBILY TSAWaterproof, 15 pockets, fits a 17” laptop, USB port, and headphone jack.4.8
HimawariCanvas waterproof material, eco-friendly, USB cable, pleasant to touch4.7

We hope our article helps you find the best travel backpack for moms! You can also get a cheap and reliable insurance policy online without leaving your seat. With our service, you can do this any time of day or night.

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