Best Places to Travel in January 2024


Our wonderful planet is such that at any time of the year, any day and hour, there is something to see and be amazed by. Today we’ll tell you about the best places to travel in January 2024.

Logically, they will all be located in the Southern Hemisphere or as close to it as possible. That is, where it’s summer during the European winter. If you are planning a trip specifically in the first month of the year, this list of the best places will definitely help you expand your planned travel geography. And who knows – maybe after reading this you’ll take a risk and try to visit all the best places for traveling in January 2024?

Thailand – A Bit of Rain and Minimum Heat

A temple in the mountains with a beautiful garden

Traveling to Thailand in January 2024 is traditionally one of the best places for a January journey. At this time, the islands of the kingdom have a relatively cool yet comfortable season. There’s less rain, and the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

So you don’t have to wear warm clothes, and you won’t be paralyzed by either ‘rainy gloom’ or fear of sunburn, preventing you from going outside in torrential rain or scorching heat. 

But even in January, you can feel the warmth and have a great travel experience, so year after year Thailand consistently ranks in the top ten of the ‘Best Places to Travel in January 2024.’

The cool weather is not just great for beach holidays but also for exploring the country. It will allow you to visit the most interesting cities, national parks, and iconic landmarks.

Vietnam – A Blend of Civilization and Evergreen Nature

A bay with boxes and views of a variety of mountains from the ocean

In such a tropical country as Vietnam, tourists looking for the best places to travel in January 2024 won’t have to worry about biting cold winds, snow dunes, or other exotic factors – the exoticism here is of a completely different kind.

Usually, Vietnam is divided into Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam, and the temperature gradually increases from south to north, not the other way around. The average temperature in January here ranges between 18-25 degrees Celsius. You’ll agree that such weather is quite comfortable and pleasant for traveling. The trip will bring you many strong emotions – 100-million-strong Vietnam is a unique country, famous for the beaches and bays of the Gulf of Tonkin in the South China Sea, but also for its big beautiful cities. Such as the fifth-largest city, Danang. Where you can appreciate the following interesting things:

  • See a bit of France in the local architecture;
  • Enjoy clear water and a white ‘Maldivian’ beach;
  • Try great food;
  • Engage in fascinating shopping;
  • See many places worth photographing.

And now let’s move on to the next best place to travel in January 2024.

India – a Magnet and Power Spot for Millions of Travelers  

a temple with a beautiful fountain and garden and birds flying over it

If you’re tired of traveling through deserts and beaches, then India is the best place to travel in January 2024. It has a typical tropical-monsoon climate with a mild and moderately cool winter. However, the high-altitude regions in the north can be colder and often see snowfall. The average temperature in the southern region in January can even reach a summer-like comfortable 27 degrees Celsius, making this time of the year one of the best for traveling through the country.  

Under the warm sun, you can go on an unparalleled journey with anyone. While India may not commonly be considered a tourist-friendly country due to its “civilizational” challenges and high population, it has its unique charm—it will always surprise you in new ways. There is much more than just the world-famous sacred cows wandering everywhere.

Stay in castles, visit forts and palaces, and look at the lakes. Don’t miss Jaipur, where you can spend the entire day wandering among Rajasthan’s architectural landmarks under the warm winter sun, admiring the beauty of historic buildings and nature.

South Africa – Happiness Year-Round and the Best Places to Travel in January 2024  

giraffe in the savannah overlooking a lonely mountain

The climate in South Africa is very mild and suitable for travel almost any time of the year, making it one of the most comfortable and pleasant regions in the world. The climate is not tropical, meaning it has a winter and a summer season, and the summer season in South Africa happens to fall in January when it is relatively hot and humid.  

IMPORTANT! Unfortunately, not all the best places to travel in January 2024 on the planet are absolutely safe for travelers themselves. Dangers lurk everywhere: in some places, it’s extremely dangerous to drink tap water, some places have a very specific national cuisine, and in some places, the locals view tourists as an easy way to make money. Therefore, comprehensive worldwide insurance is excellent protection when visiting the best places to travel not just in January 2024 but throughout the year.

South Africa is also known as the “Rainbow Nation,” characterized by a wide variety of flora and fauna. This opens up new possibilities for visitors. Besides wildlife, ride the gentle waves at the beach, see unforgettable natural flower plantations in the mountains. And, of course, one of the main symbols is Table Mountain in Cape Town. There’s a popular saying: “If you haven’t been to Table Mountain, then you haven’t been to Cape Town. And if you haven’t been to Cape Town, you haven’t been to South Africa at all.” So, there are plenty of best places to travel in January 2024 here as well.

Chile – Sun and Sea, Deserts and Glaciers

A view of the city that sits between the mountains

Chile is a country where you can confidently say there are some of the best places to travel in January 2024. This month is considered one of the best for vacationing here. It makes sense – it’s summer in Chile, so you can enjoy the sun, beach, and sea. Especially since the whole country is relatively close to the sea – if you remember the map, you’ll easily recall that Chile is one of the “thinnest” and “longest” countries. It stretches from north to south on the South American continent for almost 3000 miles, and from east to west – only for 265 miles.

So it’s no surprise that the sunniest desert on Earth, Atacama, is here where the sky is clear 300 days a year. And prehistoric glaciers that preserve our civilization’s history like in a safe. So there’s no shortage of the best places to travel in January 2024 here.

Comparison of the Best Countries and Places to Travel in January 2024

Thailand69 millionBangkokThaiBahtKnown for its beautiful beaches, culture, and rich culinary heritage.
Vietnam97 millionHanoiVietnameseDongFamous for stunning nature, historical landmarks, delicious cuisine, and beautiful beaches.
India1.3 billionNew DelhiMultiple: English, Hindi, etc.RupeeFamous for its rich history, culture, religious diversity, and impressive landmarks like the Taj Mahal.
South Africa59 millionPretoria/ Cape Town/ Bloemfontein11 languages, including EnglishRandDiverse landscapes, wild nature, and the world’s largest national park, Kruger.
Chile19 millionSantiagoSpanishPesoAndes, Patagonia, Atacama desert, and Easter Island.

So, these are the best places we’ve picked for you to travel in January 2024. And we’d be happy to help you get the best insurance policy for such trips!

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